Government has failed QED!

April 28, 2012 in Nigerian Current Affairs





Lets us for a brief moment assume without conceding that the bombings are beyond the Nigerian government.


I think it is now safe to conclude that some state governments are profiting from the work of these kidnappers. I cannot think of any other reason why special police and intelligence squads cannot be deployed to end these menacing yet unsophisticated criminal careers.


Remember the days of ANINI? He thrived and seemed invincible for as long as he got support and assistance from the police. As soon as the government truly decided they had enough of him, it did not take time. It turned out that the supposed SUPERMAN was nothing but a cheap coward with little acumen. In the same way if the governments of these states were kidnappings happen like MTN “per second billing”, if these state governors truly mean to, they will simply declare a war on the kidnappers, get in some forces who like in the time of Anini, will fish out the police accomplices and arrest their kidnapper employees. Abi is it the kidnappers that employ the police sef??? Anyway lets leave that one. We know the kidnappers can be apprehended and quite easily too. QED.


And wait a minute…

I hear a lot of talk about foreign investment coming to Nigeria. We must be delusional to expect foreign investments to come to Nigeria with things the way they are. What lunatic investors will come into a country were it is so easy to kidnap and kill anybody with the least sign of affluence let alone success


its just a shame and indictment on an incompetent government and more incompetent security operatives. BIG SHAME


O…  Bombings/Boko Haram??? Hmm… We’ll discuss that later!