Is Wole Soyinka Afraid???

April 28, 2012 in Nigerian Current Affairs

I Challenge Wole Soyinka, Chinua Achebe and others to go the next step and run for elections in Nigeria. These are men with a wealth of ideas. We

have heard them speak. We have heard them time and again proffer prototype solutions to our myriad of problems. Solutions that have never been

implemented. What is wrong with going in there to implement these prototypes?

Please don’t tell me that the political system in Nigeria means they cannot win elections… if MKO could win elections in Nigeria in the 90’s, Wole

Soyinka can certainly win elections in 2015

The several rally’s, successful protest marches etc organized by Wole Soyinka and others are indicative of their ability to mobilize Nigerians. These men

equally have “power teams” of people who can frustrate the even the most resilient of riggers.

Wole Soyinka running for president in Nigeria will create international awareness, interest and concern. Nigerians home and abroad will rally around

and engage the riggers. Like the June 12 elections, short of annulment, nothing will twat the will of the Nigerian people. And we know that nobody can

ever again annul free and fair elections in Nigeria.

One great man said and I say that the greatest food for evil is the silence of good people. But we have talked enough. It is time for action.

Do I hear somebody say where is Chinua Achebe? How about Emeka Anyaoku. Ezekwesili, Olisa Agbakoba, Femi Falana … can you imagine an

election were all these men run for different elective posts???

It’s like the era of apartheid when every good black man in South Africa joined forces to pull down the evil. Let good men offer leadership and let us join

forces with them to destroy this system of “power to some people”.

Let every good man and woman rise and contribute to Nigeria, not for ourselves but for posterity, for this generation has already been failed by its


PS: I mean no offense to any of these great Nigerians. Just a call to action of another kind.