The Achebe I Knew

“Indiscipline pervades our life so completely that one may be justified in calling it the condition par excellence of contemporary Nigerian society”- Chinua Achebe, The Trouble with Nigeria.   Prof. Chinua Achebe, literary giant, celebrated author, humanist and patriot par excellence, who was buried yesterday, was Nigeria‘s gift to Africa, and indeed, the world. Like more

The Achebe I Knew

Why Asari Dokubo Should Not Be Ignored

By Jude Banye “Our enemies are the political profiteers, the swindlers, the men in high and low places that seek bribes and demand 10 percent; those that seek to keep the country divided permanently so that they can remain in office as ministers or VIPs at least, the tribalists, the nepotists, those that make the more

Why Asari Dokubo Should Not Be Ignored

The accident that crippled Achebe

When Achebe wrote about the tragic heroes in his novels, such as Okonkwo and Ezeulu, he never envisaged that a tragic path was lurking ahead of him, like his fictional characters. On one uneventful day in 1991, Achebe, in the company of his first son, Ike, was in high spirit. He had a conference to more

President Jonathan Vs Amanpour CNN

As we approach 2014, the year in which Nigeria attains her centenary, it may probably begin to enter the consciousness of Nigerians that this nation has been in existence for much longer than many had previously thought. Alongside this realization, would be a dawning that many of the issues we need to address, as a more

Why Igbos won’t forget Biafra

Chinua Achebe’s new book, There Was a Country: A Personal History of Biafra, has really brought to the fore those issues some actors on the 30-month gruesome Nigerian/Biafran war would not want to hear. Achebe’s book has revealed, among other things, the genocide visited on Biafrans by the Nigerian establishment.   Related posts: Group to more

Veteran Actor,Justus Esiri Dead

Justus Esiri Veteran actor, Thespian, Art Impressario, Literary patron and sophisticated man-of-the-world,  Justus Esiri is dead. He was said to have passed on in a Lagos hospital and though details of the circumstances that led to his death are still sketchy as the news is only breaking, a source said the now late Justus Esiri more


Mallam El Rufai In 2012, President Goodluck Jonathan’s New Year gift to Nigerians was a massive hike in the prices of petroleum products which ultimately translated into a tax of about N4,000 paid during the year by every man, woman and child in our country. The Kolade SURE-P bureaucracy alone consumed nearly over a billion more

Awolowo and the forgotten documents of the civil war, by Odia Ofeimun (4)

This is the concluding part of Odia Ofeimun’s treatise on the Awolowo?Achebe civil war controversy. He makes useful suggestions to his Igbo brothers and sisters as well as other Nigerians on how to dump the self-righteous mentality of ‘WE AGAINST THEM”.   Related posts: Awolowo and the forgotten documents of the civil war, by Odia more

Awolowo and the forgotten documents of the civil war, by Odia Ofeimun (2)

In this second part, you would observe views that are manifestly contradictory and would leave you with the conclusion that they can be described as products of biased minds or the display of crass ignorance – the former should suffice.  The posers raised last week regarding the following are dealt with:  Which book did Achebe more

Awolowo and the forgotten documents of the civil war, by Odia Ofeimun(1)

As the controversy created by Chinua Achebe’s new book, “THERE WAS A COUNTRY”, rages, social critic and poet, Odia Ofeimun – who has been thrown in the eye of the storm because of his first reaction which sought to exonerate Pa Obafemi Awolowo, who served as Vice Chairman to the ruling body of the Nigerian more

Remembering Biafra ‘There Was a Country,’ by Chinua Achebe – Review

Rumors of Nigeria’s demise have been somewhat exaggerated. This turbulent and magnetic African megastate endures despite its intense regional, religious and other divisions (the country has an estimated 250 ethnic groups and more than 500 languages). Nigeria did fracture once, however, and it is this story that Chinua Achebe, a giant of African letters, tells. more

Gowon hits Achebe on civil war, says: He wrote out of ignorance

War time Head of State, General Yakubu Gowon, has criticized  renowned author, Professor Chinua Achebe, over his new book  on the Nigerian civil war, saying he{Achebe }does not know the issue he was writing about. Gowon said he was ready to face the International Criminal Court (ICC) at the Hague on the matter if necessary. more

Jonathan Eulogises Gowon at 78

President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has commended former Head of State, General Yakubu Gowon for his unflagging dedication to peace, national unity, good governance and the well-being of all Nigerians. Related posts: Gowon Slams OBJ On Jonathan, Calls Him ‘Highly Irresponsible’ “Those who want Nigeria to break up, want to be kings in tiny islands” – Jonathan, IBB, more

Is Wole Soyinka Afraid???

I Challenge Wole Soyinka, Chinua Achebe and others to go the next step and run for elections in Nigeria. These are men with a wealth of ideas. We have heard them speak. We have heard them time and again proffer prototype solutions to our myriad of problems. Solutions that have never been implemented. What is more

Is Wole Soyinka Afraid???